McClure’s Private School Application Workbook Is Now Available

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McClure’s Private School Application Workbook:  Academic Year 2013-2014 is now available!  This book will guide you step-by-step through the elementary, middle, and high school private school application process.  Includes a sample spreadsheet to help you stay organized, template documents, resources for researching private schools, and much more!  View description, Table of Contents, and purchase.



Five-step checklist for applying for private school financial aid:

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1. Confirm with all schools to which you applying the deadline for receipt of financial aid application materials. The deadline(s) are likely on the financial aid section of each school’s website and/or in the application materials sent to you.  Many schools have a deadline at or near the end of January.

2. Determine what information is required to apply for financial aid. This might include completing a financial aid application, such as the School & Student Services Parents’ Financial Statement from NAIS or a similar application.  You might also be required to pay a financial aid application fee, which might be waived if you cannot afford the fee.

3. Submit the financial aid application and all additional required information such as tax returns and supplemental information from business owners.

4. Submit all required financial aid information via a trackable method (online submission, certified mail, etc.) before the application deadline.

5. Verify that all required financial aid application materials have been received by the schools to which you are applying.

Private School Open Houses

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Private school associations are often a good resource for finding private school open houses.

For example, the website for the Association of Independent Schools of New England lists upcoming open houses for its member schools here.

McClure’s Private School Application Workbook:  Academic Year 2013-2014 includes a list of many private school associations to assist you with your search for information about private school open houses, school fairs, etc.

Independent High School Fair Sept. 19 at Breakwater School

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Meet author Faith McClure and buy your copy of the Private School Application Workbook at the Independent High School Fair at the Breakwater School in Portland, Maine, Wednesday September 19, 6pm-8pm

Breakwater School Independent High School Fair


Thank you, local retailers!

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A big thanks goes out to two Somerville, MA shops for carrying McClure’s Private School Application Workbook:

The Book Shop

True Grounds Newsletter

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Think you earn too much to qualify for private school financial aid?

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According to an article in CNNMoney, in the 2010-11 academic year, about 20% of families that filed for financial aid for private school earned $150,000 or more a year, up from just 6% in 2002-03.

Read the article here.

More NYC students taking the ERB’s

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Many of the most competitive private schools in NYC don’t disclose how many applications they receive. According to the NY Times, the number of children taking the the intelligence tests required for admission at most private schools, known as the E.R.B.’s, is often taken as a proxy for admissions competition. On Thursday, the Educational Records Bureau, which administers the test, disclosed that the number of students taking the E.R.B’s increased 1.4 percent for the current academic year. Read the NY Times Article.

Prep School Admissions Forum on College Confidential

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Check out the Prep School Admissions Forum on College Confidential to connect with other private high school applicants/students/families.  There is a section for parents.  This forum is a great way to connect with other prep school families, get your questions answered by current students and parents, and collect information about various schools.


NY Times article about private schools’ fundraising and data collection raises privacy concerns

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“Schools are mining online data for details about parents’ homes, luxury cars, private planes, stock holdings and donations to other charities.”

Read the article here.

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