Five-step checklist for applying for private school financial aid:

January 25, 2013 by
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1. Confirm with all schools to which you applying the deadline for receipt of financial aid application materials. The deadline(s) are likely on the financial aid section of each school’s website and/or in the application materials sent to you.  Many schools have a deadline at or near the end of January.

2. Determine what information is required to apply for financial aid. This might include completing a financial aid application, such as the School & Student Services Parents’ Financial Statement from NAIS or a similar application.  You might also be required to pay a financial aid application fee, which might be waived if you cannot afford the fee.

3. Submit the financial aid application and all additional required information such as tax returns and supplemental information from business owners.

4. Submit all required financial aid information via a trackable method (online submission, certified mail, etc.) before the application deadline.

5. Verify that all required financial aid application materials have been received by the schools to which you are applying.


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