Waitlisted…now what?

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If your child was put on the wait list (sometimes called the “wait pool”) of a private school and you are hoping to be offered an offer of admission from that school, be sure to read all information provided by the school about the wait list process.  For example, you might be required to contact the school to confirm you wish to remain on the wait list–if you do not respond, you will lose your place on the wait list.

Check out our new private school resources page

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We’re adding additional resources related to private schools.  See the Private School Resources page of this blog.  Have you found other resources helpful?  If so, let us know!

Congratulations…but you’re not finished yet!

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It’s that time of year when many schools are sending out admissions decisions.  If your child was offered admission to one or more schools, congratulations!  Now, time to get back to work!  Confusion about what steps are required next to enroll your child can result in the school offering your child’s spot to someone else.  You are in the home stretch of the private school application process–the enrollment phase.  Get out those checkbooks!


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This site is dedicated to bringing you resources to aid in the private school (pre-college) application process.

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